Dalam Mihrab Cinta

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Dalam Mihrob Cinta Movie synopsis.

Dalam Mihrob Cinta

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a 2010 film adapted from the Dalam Mihrob Cinta novel by habiburahman , The story Movie of Samsul ,young man 20 years old intended to study in a boarding school in kediri East Java, leaving a fairly comfortable life. Here he met with Zizi , a daughter of the owner of boarding schools . At Kediri boarding school he expelled for allegedly stealing by his own friend, it makes samsul become a pickpocket.In the midst of chaos and darkness of his life, he meet with Syilvie a moslem girl. Dalam Mihrob Cinta

Cast Movie Dalam Mihrob Cinta 2010 : Asmirandah, Dude Harlino, Meyda Sefira, Tsania Marwa, Boy Hamzah, El Manik, Ninik L. Karim ,Elma Theana, Umar Libus, Neno Warisman, Iszur Muchtar, Berliana Febriyanti, Kaharudin Syah.
running film : -
film releases : 2010.
film director : Habiburrahman El Shirazy.
film producer : Leo Sutanto.
film production companies : Sinemart Pictures.
Official Movie : www.filmdalammihrabcinta.com .

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