Ombak Rindu (Malay) 2011

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Ombak Rindu (Malay)

Synopsis is not available.
Classification: NA
General Release Date: Unknown
Running Time:
Distributor: Tayangan Unggul


Movies Osman Ali is adapted direction than the waves of popular novels that helped Rindu use the same title for the film.

Synopsis Movies Ombak Rindu:

Picking Waves synopsis Fly Fauziah Ashaari novelist's work, Izzah, orphan girl's mother and father's death due to misfortune highway. Indeed, the father of his brother, Taha, took the task of maintaining Izzah. Taha's wife is not happy with the presence of accused Izzah Izzah and bring reinforcements in their family.

At the same time, Pak Cik Taha much indebted. Due to narrowness wang Izzah he could sell to a nightclub boss. Izzah forced to follow the will of his brother even though his father fought.

Ombak Rindu (Malay) 2011 Trailers

It was there that he met a customer named Hariz. Hariz able to 'buy' Izzah at a great price from the club and mahu boss took him out of that hell.

At the request Izzah, finally Hariz berkahwin with Izzah, but all must be provided dirahsiakan.

The presence of Mila Amylia, son Tan Sri Rashdan, models and famous performers eventually sued Izzah and Hariz happiness. Do they have a co-wife?


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